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God news Home testing kit for cancer patients authorized for home use.


A new medical device has received regulatory approval to help reduce the time cancer patients spend in hospitals. The Liberty device enables patients to conduct blood tests at home and upload the results independently.

Patients say the device allows them to reduce the number of hospital visits involved in cancer care.

Users have reported a decrease in hospital visits, while healthcare professionals believe it could enhance NHS efficiency. Following successful trials at the Christie in Manchester, the device will now be implemented at 12 NHS locations.

Cancer Research UK notes that the device has only been tested on a small group of individuals so far, indicating the need for further research before widespread adoption in cancer care.

Lynn Thompson, who has faced both ovarian and bowel cancer since 2017

The 52-year-old expressed her genuine affection for the machine, stating that it was remarkably easy to comprehend and operate. According to her, this newfound technology liberated her from the constraints of adhering to a rigid hospital appointment schedule, which she found both physically and mentally draining, particularly due to her fear of needles.

Cancer treatment typically involves numerous blood tests to monitor various health parameters. Lynn Thompson, a trial patient who has battled ovarian and bowel cancer, expressed relief at being able to perform some tests at home.

The device, similar in size to a small printer, can transmit blood sample results directly to medical teams. Sacha Howell, a senior lecturer in medical oncology at the University of Manchester, highlighted the convenience of home-based blood testing for patients and potential cost savings for the NHS.

The Christie has strategically positioned phlebotomy units in the region to bring blood testing closer to patients’ homes, although staffing these units remains a necessity.



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